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Why Professionally Managed Matters in Vacation Rentals

February 1, 2010

Ok, I admit that I’m not above using a sensationalist title to get your attention, but… This actually does have a tie in with Vacation Rentals.  In fact, the less catchy title  is Customer Service:  Why Professionally Managed Matters in Vacation Rentals – Part III.

Sure you can rent a vacation home directly from the owner, but what if you need some help while you are there?  Professionally managed vacation rentals come with a Front Desk and 24 hour on-site support.  That means there is someone there to greet you when you arrive and answer all of your questions, and just as importantly, someone there to help with your needs during your stay.  Need some extra towels?  Coming right up.  Want some recommendations on where to eat?  Most Property Managers will not only have recommendations, but can also show you how to take advantage of the “local specials” and discounts.  Have a toaster break?  They’ll have a new one in your unit the next day.  Need something special to accomodate your party like a Baby crib or High Chair?   Many Property Managers have them on site, and will have them waiting for you in your unit.

The point is that Professional Property Managers are in the Hospitality Business.  Their jobs are to ensure that guest enjoy their vacations and have a good time, not spend their vacation trying to figure out how to work the hot tub or find the lights in the basement.  Joe Ballstaedt, President of Park City based Resorts West  reports that their Private Concierge Service is the most important part of their operation, and is growing more important every year.  “We provide our guests with the services and amenities that they would expect to get if they were in a hotel,” explained Joe.  “We offer our guests personalized on-site check-in, grocery delivery services, equipment rentals delivered to their vacation rental, dinner and spa reservations – even luggage delivery!”

So whether you want to be catered to with full concierge services, or just want someone to call if you lose your key, be sure to book a Professionally Managed Vacation Rental.

VacationRoost is the largest online marketplace for Professionally Managed Vacation Rentals, and all of our vacation homes have on-site management.  To find your perfect vacation home visit, or call 1-888-33ROOST!

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