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Where to Beach it? We have the Answer!

June 20, 2012

The first thing that comes to many people’s mind when they think of a vacation is one simple word: Beach. The surf, the sand, the sun, and the relaxing feeling of lying by the ocean, often creates the epitome of a perfect beach vacation. However, with the variety of beaches out there, it is often hard to decide which to visit. Listed below, are five of our favorites.

Makena State Park (Big Beach and Little Beach)
Maui, Hawaii

Home to two of the world’s most famous beaches, Big Beach and Little Beach, Makena State Park is located towards the south end of the island. Big Beach is a mile stretch of pristine beaches with amazing snorkeling. There are also numerous hiking paths. Little Beach is just as beautiful, but beware, clothing is optional…

Seven Mile Beach
Grand Cayman

Miles and miles of white sand

One of the most popular beaches in the Caribbean, Seven Mile Beach is the ideal place for surf, sand, and sun. The beach is lined with luxury resorts, restaurants, shops, and beach bars. This is also the perfect place to fulfill your need for a water sports adventure. From snorkeling and parasailing to volleyball and frisbee, Seven Mile Beach is the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.

Dominical Beach
Costa Rica

Playa Dominical is approximately 3 miles long and while it might not be a pristine white sandy beach, what it lacks in sand it makes up for in lush green forests and world-class surf. Even if you don’t surf, this beach has a lot to offer with its beautiful and unique landscape, nightlife, and tranquil atmosphere. If you want to escape the touristy feel that can often come with popular beaches, the Dominical Beach just might be your piece of paradise.

Panama City Beach
Panama City, Flordia

Panama City Beach has become the spring break capital of the world, and for obvious reasons. With crystal clear waters, blinding white sand, and an atmosphere that screams vacation, Panama City is fun, charming, and full of character.

Lovers Beach
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Lovers Beach is hard not to love

This unique and beautiful beach is accessible only by water taxi, but it is totally worth it. With the whitest sand, bluest water, and incredible rock formations, it is hard not to love Lovers Beach. Make sure to bring your camera and pack a lunch!

Safe Travels,

The VacationRoost Team

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