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Stingray City Time in Grand Cayman

September 17, 2012

One of the stops on our cruise was in Grand Cayman.  My husband and I were so excited to go to the island and we planned our excursion to Stingray City while we were there for the day.

Our boat arrived early in the morning and we were tendered into the Grand Cayman dock around 7am.  We had an hour before our excursion so we walked around town, took pictures, and relaxed.  The buildings were painted with bright, tropical colors and there were many stores opened and waiting for us to come in.

When it was time for our excursion, we met at Captain Marvins where we took a tour bus ride to the opposite side of the island. We boarded a boat to the stingray sandbar and on our ride there we learned about the stingrays and their behavior.  We were so excited when our boat pulled up and we saw tons of stingrays swimming to our boat through the clear, turquoise water to greet us.

We got in the water and the stingrays were so gentle and fun to be around.  They would rub against our legs and wanted to be pet and fed.  Some would come onto our backs or into our arms where we would feel their mushroom-like skin.

As you can see from our pictures these stingrays were huge! Next time we will definitely bring a waterproof camera, but since we didn’t, we had the boat’s photographer take our pictures and burn them to a CD.  We kissed a stingray which is 7 years of good luck to the Grand Cayman people.

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