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5 ways to keep track of kids at an amusement park

November 5, 2012

While vacationing to busy amusement parks, it can be easy to lose your kids unless you set up a game plan of how to stay together.  Here are 5 tips to keep track of your family so your trip can go as smooth as possible.

1. Meet up location

Right when you go to the amusement parks, instead of running to the first ride, make sure you take a minute to find a meeting point if someone gets lost.  That location could be a specific bench toward the entrance of the park, a sign, food place, or shop.  Make sure the surrounding area is safe and that everyone knows where that meeting location is.

2. Have a travel buddy

Make sure everyone in the family has a travel buddy.  The adults should usually be paired with the smallest children to make sure they have an eye on them throughout the entire day.  Tell each child who their buddy is and how they need to stick with them the whole day.

3. Walkie Talkies

If kids do not have cell phones to take into the park, walkie talkies can be a cheap and great way to keep track of everyone.  You can buy walkie talkies in packs so you can easily communicate, especially if you are going to split ways.

4. Wear color or hat certain color

When my family went to Florida every year, we would all wear the same fluorescent shirt or sweatshirt so we could easily identify where everyone was.  Our large family would exit a ride and all of the sudden it felt chaotic trying to huddle us all back together.  Wearing the same color or hat helped my parents easily find us and helped the kids always locate the parents.

5. Bracelet with phone number

One idea I found on Pinterest was a bracelet you could make for your little ones with your phone number just in case they get lost.

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