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Why a Vacation is the Perfect Christmas Present

December 3, 2012

When I think back on past Christmas mornings, there are very few presents that I can remember. What I do remember are the Christmases where, after I was done tearing through my presents, I would look up on the tree and amongst the ornaments, I would notice plane tickets placed carefully on the tree. These were, and still are, my favorite Christmas presents.  I can’t remember the toys that Santa Claus brought me or the abundance of clothes, accessories, and movies that I received. I do, however, clearly remember the excitement of finding out I was going to Hawaii or heading out west for a ski vacation. The memories that I have of my vacations are far better presents to me, than any physical gift I could receive. So, here are three reasons why giving someone a vacation is the perfect gift for this Christmas:


1) They can make it their own.  There is nothing harder than trying to find the perfect gift. Will they like this color? Will this size fit them? Do they already have this? One of the great things about giving someone a vacation is that they can still make it their own. They can customize their vacation so it is absolutely perfect for them. Whether they want to lie on the beach all day and read a book or spend hours hiking in the beautiful mountains, what they do on their vacation is completely up to them. When giving someone a vacation, you never have to wonder if they will like it.

You never forget a vacation

2) They will always remember it. If there is one thing vacations are, it’s memorable. No matter where it is you go or what you do on your trip, you never forget a vacation. While I can’t tell you any physical presents I received for Christmas when I was fourteen, I can easily remember every detail of traveling to the Cayman Islands and swimming with the Sting Rays. If you want to give someone a present they will never forget, a vacation is definitely the way to go.


3) They will love it. Honestly, who doesn’t want to go on a vacation? There is nothing better than escaping from the daily grind and exploring a new part of the world. Vacations are the perfect way to relax and giving a vacation, is the perfect way to surprise someone with a gift they are sure to love.

So, if you are still looking for the perfect Christmas present to give, look no further and start booking a vacation.

Safe Travels,

The VacationRoost Team

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