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“The VacationRoost Advantage”: What I learned as an intern at VacationRoost

April 30, 2013

I was lucky enough to have the amazing opportunity of interning at VacationRoost while I finished school at the University of Utah. Starting off my internship, I had very little knowledge about the vacation rental industry, or the advantages in choosing a vacation rental. With today being my last day at VacationRoost (tear), I realize just how much I have learned about, what I like to call, “The VacationRoost Advantage”. So here it is, a short synopsis of why, as I leave my internship today, I am a huge advocate of vacation rentals and would recommend VacationRoost to anyone and everyone.

1)      Vacation rentals really are for everyone. When I first started at VacationRoost, I had a stereotype in my head that vacation rentals were all luxury homes that catered to the rich and famous. I never imagined that I, a poor college student, could purchase a vacation rental for my next trip. Very quickly my assumptions were put to rest as I learned that vacation rentals come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. Furthermore, I realized that with each vacation rental being so unique, it is easy to find the absolute perfect rental, no matter what your tastes or preferences might be. I also realized quickly that with the additional square footage and all of the extra amenities, vacation rentals are likely to be a better bang for your buck than any other lodging option. Needless to say, I was quickly converted to the vacation rental advantage.

cheap and expensive

Something for Everyone

2)      Destination Experts make all the difference. It didn’t take long for me to recognize the value behind VacationRoost’s Destination Experts. For someone that loves to travel, I do not love the planning and research that is often required for that perfect vacation.  Nor do I enjoy the stress of trying to find the perfect place to stay. For someone like me, a Destination Expert is a knight in shining armor. Being able to talk to someone who can speak from firsthand experience and has a local perspective on the location I am visiting  is simply priceless.

3)      Professionally managed matters. When I go on a vacation, I am all about a stress-free and relaxing experience. Booking a professionally managed rental means I get just that. With professionally managed properties, I don’t have to worry about showing up to a rental that looks completely different from the pictures I saw online, or worrying about contacting the owners if the shower is broken. For the vacationer that is looking for a completely worry-free trip, booking a professionally managed rental is a necessity.

4)      It’s all about the experience. I think the most important thing I learned about “The VacationRoost Advantage” is that it is really all about the experience. From being able to easily find your perfect rental, to working with a Destination Expert to plan the details of your trip, the experience of vacation planning should be easy and simple, plain as that. And then of course there is the experience while you are on your vacation. Staying at a rental allows for an experience that is very different from staying at a hotel. Travelers get to experience their vacation from a local’s perspective, and escape from the crowds of tourists you might find at a hotel. Staying at a rental also means total privacy, extra space, amazing amenities like personal kitchens and private pools, and an overall more relaxing and optimal vacation experience.

It's all about the experience

It’s all about the experience

Hopefully this short list provides you with some insight into what I have learned, and subsequently come to love, about VacationRoost. So as sad as I am to be leaving VacationRoost today, I know that I am not really leaving, as I have every intention of being a customer for years to come.

Kaitlin Jacobs

The VacationRoost Team

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