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Telluride’s Mountain Side Inn

June 8, 2013

Telluride - mtn

I awoke this morning to the beautiful bubbling of the San Miguel River.  The river laps against the shore just feet away from my window at the Telluride Mountain Side Inn.  My legs are a bit sore from yesterday’s hike up Bear Creek Falls, but I’m still very excited to explore Coronet Falls this afternoon.  After the hike I will journey to Emilio’s Mexican Restaruant to enjoy the best margaritas in town!  The complimentary wireless internet and coffee here at the Mountain Side Inn have made my working vacation seemless and easy.  The location of the hotel has allowed me a short walk to every activity in town.  Whether it be enjoying a festival at Town Park or just enjoying the scenery of the river from the town trail my lodgings have provided easy access to everything.  Telluride is a beautiful place that I look forward to seeing every year, and with blue sky’s, peaking rivers and a green landscape this year has been one of the best!


Cam Nash, Destination Expert

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