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Luxurious St. Lucia

July 29, 2013
The Landings St. Lucia

The Landings St. Lucia

How would you define luxury accommodations?  The definition will be different for different people.  When my family made it’s way to St. Lucia, we stayed at a truly luxurious property.  I knew it was sumptuous because our spacious top floor suite had exquisite furnishings, an amazing deck that overlooked the ocean and a hot tub the size of a small Olympic pool right on the terrace.  My teenage daughter felt it was luxurious because she didn’t have to share a bedroom with her sister.  Not only did she have her own room, it was tastefully furnished with a king bed and had it’s own amazing bathroom suite off the side door.  She was instantly in heaven.

This gorgeous property is called “The Landings St. Lucia“.  It is located on a sparkling beach on the western side of St. Lucia by the clear waters of Rodney Bay.   It has a private marina that holds several private yachts. The grounds are exquisite with a beach lined with swaying palm trees that beckons to you.  It has all the luxury amenities you would expect from a five star property including two floodlit tennis courts, a health club, a wonderful full service spa to indulge in and your choice in fine dining.

Our villa was over 2000 square feet with Italian tile floors and a fully-equipped, premium kitchen.  The room was tastefully decorated with style and comfort in mind.  We felt immediately at home and quickly unpacked so we could begin to enjoy our custom trip.

The beach was every bit as wonderful as it looked from our terrace.  The ocean was almost bathtub warm and you could spend hours enjoying it.  One of our favorite memories of our St. Lucia’s beach was “the fruit guy”.  I don’t think he ever shared his name.  His little boat would putter up to the shore every morning almost groaning under the weight of dozens of different fresh tropical fruit.  We would wade out to where he stopped and the bartering began.  I loved how he cut up the fresh mango on the spot.  He husked all the coconuts and cut off the top of the cocoa fruit so we could slip our fingers in to pull out the seed pods ourselves.  (We hadn’t tried cocoa fruit before this trip.  It’s delicious!).  We spent the rest of our beach time enjoying our bounty and washing our sticky fingers in the ocean waves.

St. Lucia had so much else to offer.  We started our sightseeing at Rodney Bay.  Originally famous for a pirate hideout in the 1700s, the Bay now hosts cafes, shops, bars, night clubs and a new casino.  We went sailing on a tall ship out into the bay at night.  The stars were so bright you felt you could almost reach up and touch them.  Then we wandered through the shops and stopped for dinner to enjoy the best steaks I’ve ever had at Big Chef Steakhouse.

For a little adventure the next day, we took a Segway tour up into the rainforest and onto the beaches.  The guides were wonderful, explaining all the flora and fauna we saw.  They gave us some colored history of the island and treated us for a fresh fruit break at the top of a mountain near a historic bombing bunker.   I didn’t know you could climb a mountain on a Segway.  They’re not for malls alone!  This was such an amazing tour of jungle and sand.  I highly recommend it for a little excitement.

The trip wouldn’t be perfect without a hike to the top of the famous Pigeon Island lookout.  This remnant of the war between the French and the British for the Island is a 44 acre preserve filled with military buildings, cannons and artillery remains.  The hike is a challenge but the view from the lookout across the island is worth it.  With it’s stunning beaches, interesting military and pirate history, and luxurious accommodations, I loved every minute of my custom trip.

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