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Visiting Scottsdale AZ in Early Fall

August 13, 2013

Photo Cred: flickr/scottsdale_agent


If you haven’t had your fill of summer, extend your days of sun with a weekend getaway to Scottsdale. Hot, dry summer days in this Arizona golf and resort town give way to warm days and balmy nights, perfect for family days around the pool or on the links. Here’s what to do in Scottsdale this fall:

1. Play tennis or golf. In the summer months, visitors to Scottsdale are limited to early morning and late evening golf tee times and tennis matches, but in autumn, schedules can be more flexible. Nearly all Scottsdale vacation homes within resort areas offer golf and tennis, and kids’ lessons are often discounted off-season. Our favorite resort golf: the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess course, which is open to the public.

2. Hike or visit nearby national parks and monuments. One of our favorites is easy-to-access Pinnacle Peak, locate din Pinnacle Peak Park. Tackle this hike in the morning or evening, as shade is not available. Outside of town, tour the Casa Grande Ruins (over 650 years old) at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. Take a guided tour of the ruins, then cool off in the visitor’s center to learn more.

3. Horseback ride. If renting a vacation home located within a resort, find out whether a stable is located on-site. If not, check with Scottsdale’s multitude of horseback riding operations for off-season discounts. Half-day rides (as opposed to shorter hour rides) are also an option now that the sun isn’t quite as intense.

4. Sit by the pool. It’s still warm enough in Scottsdale all autumn to enjoy one of our favorite summer pastimes…sitting by the pool. Find a vacation home in a community with a pool (which shouldn’t be a challenge), or visit a public pool. Find some shade and relax for the day!

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