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As Winter Descends…Find Your Happy Place

November 3, 2013


For most people, the first snow brings quite a lot of excitement and joy.  It conjures up mental pictures of white-covered landscapes, warm, roaring fires, festive holiday lights and hot chocolate mugs. Unfortunately, after several weeks of the white stuff turning brown on the sides of the road and near-freezing temperatures drying out your skin, those happy emotions are long over. Thoughts of escaping to warm, tropical destinations with balmy breezes, flowering plants, rolling ocean waves and delightful, sunny days fill the mind.

February is a great time of year to break those winter blues. Christmas has come and gone. All the holiday decorations are down and the next big holiday weekend is still weeks away.  A break in the cold routine would definitely give you the mental energy to face the rest of winter with a smile. February is the perfect month to steal away to an inviting, tropical destination.

There are many options for the warmth-seeking winter traveler.  The Caribbean stays a balmy 82* during the day, 72* at night.  Hawaii tops out at 80* in February, but the winds are strongest during this month, which is great for surfing the North Shore. The Bahamas, a slightly cooler spot if a change from 20* to 80* is too much, tops out around a perfect 75*.  Mexico averages 82* in February with 9 hours of sunshine a day.  If that doesn’t chase away the winter blues, nothing will!

Travel Coach, Linda Barsch

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