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15 Things About Ambassador Nikole

December 17, 2013

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Hey guys! For this month I wanted to post a list of “fun facts” about my travels, so here are 15 things you may not know!

1) A trip to England with two of my dear friends in October 2010 is what sparked my big interest in traveling.

2) I almost never pay for a place to sleep, instead I use couchsurfing and meet super awesome people. It’s a great site because you can save money, meet cool people, and locals are usually willing to show you around their city!

3) I have a goal to visit 50 countries by the time I turn 30.

4) That goal was originally 30 countries, but I surpassed that.

5) I would like to spend time living on every continent. So far I’ve lived on three.

6) My mom always jokes that my boyfriend is the best souvenir I’ve brought home (we met in Australia).

7) I lived on a ship for a bit over 3 months, which is how a fair chunk of my traveling was done.

8) There is NOTHING that makes me more angry than people who say “Ugh I wish I could travel.” Stop throwing your excuses at me because I am absolutely not buying them!

9) My parents do NOT pay for any of my travel. They’ve loaned me money when I was in a tight spot (like in Fiji when my hosts turned out to be lame), but I always pay them back.

10) My favorite country is Ghana. Someday I hope to return and work for CAN-DO land tours, a company I toured with in 2011, for at least one year.

11) Au pairing abroad is super easy to do and a great way to travel and make money. It’s not much money, but I lived off of less than $100 a week in Europe, including traveling for 4 weeks over the summer and several week-long trips — and I came out of my year there with about $400 more than when I went in.

12) Being back in the USA has made me feel pressure to go back to university, get a degree, and start my career. But that’s not my path. This country seems so obsessed with that mentality and it makes me mad.

13) I have slept in a park before with two of my friends in Italy. It was an awesome night.

14) I want to spend 3-6 months doing a bike tour of Vietnam.

15) The list of places I haven’t been to feel endless, but I’m excited to tick locations off my list and have more stories to tell.


Safe Travels!

VacationRoost Ambassador Nikole

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