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Top Vacation Homes for Summer Cookouts

June 12, 2014


Picture this: you are on vacation, relaxing and catching up on some most needed rest. It has been a perfect day so far filled with hiking, outdoor activities, maybe even some swimming. But alas, it is now time for dinner so naturally, like most vacationers, you pack up the group and head to town to check out one of the many recommended restaurants. Unfortunately, it’s summer season which means every restaurant is packed and the waits are almost unbearable to your hungry stomach. Or perhaps you are just a family on  a budget, taking a small vacation without breaking the bank at all the delicious (yet very expensive) restaurants. So why not stay in for the night and have a cookout. Put on some good tunes, open up a pack of beer, and fire up that grill! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite 9 locations, all with homes available that have great outdoor decks for barbecues.

Click here  to read more about our Top Vacation Homes for Summer Cookouts!

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