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Pacific Whale Foundation Lanai Dolphin Snorkel Trip

October 7, 2014

From the moment you get your tickets and get in line to board the boat you know this trip is going to be something special. It’s not your typical get on the boat, grab some snorkeling gear and looking at fish trip. This trip was about education. The staff was knowledgeable, not only about the fish in the sea, but the history of the Hawaiian Islands. They did a great presentation before we got to the snorkel spot going over the types of sea life and coral we would see, safety precautions and the environmental impacts we cause and how to avoid them.


About half way to the snorkel bay we came upon our first pod of spinner dolphins…there must have been over a hundred in the group. Jackie talked about how they live, hunt, play and why they were so attracted to the boat when we were stopped. Apparently the large boat gives off a pressure wave that their sonar senses. It was amazing scene to say the least.

When we arrived at the snorkel bay off the island of Lanai a brief safety talk was given and off we went…we opted to go off the waterslide into the water! The water was crystal clear, d  eep and the colors of the fish and coral were breathtaking. They allowed us over an hour to explore then served a delicious lunch on board the boat.


The seas were a bit rough getting out the bay so I wouldn’t recommend this trip to anyone with an aversion to sea sickness. Along the trek back to Lahaina we came upon another pod of dolphins that the crew seemed to know from other outings. Apparently this was the pod they encountered almost daily. They all looked the same to me! As we made our way back to port in Lahaina the crew pointed out the surrounding islands and gave some informative history about each.

VacationRoost Pacific Whale Foundation

All in all it was a spectacular day spent at sea learning about ocean life, Hawaiian history and meeting some great people. Plus, proceeds from the trip go directly to the Pacific Whale Foundation.

Safe Travels,

Julie Waters

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