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Finding Adventure in My Own Country

July 23, 2013


Since I started traveling nearly 24 months ago, I have lived in three different countries and visited almost 30. It has been a thrilling two years, and I have loved every moment of it, but while I was living in Australia I had a bit of an epiphany. I have barely, in the time I have been traveling, spent much time touring my own country. I have been to a few states, but I do not feel that I have really experienced many new places. This realization led to the decision to take a job in Northern Michigan.

You would think that living in the same country you would not discover very many  differences, but I have actually come across quite a few. For example, I was recently at a festival/fair at a small town close to where I am working, and I continuously heard my friends saying “I really want some elephant ears!” which I did not understand. One of my friends ordered one, and I found out it’s just fried dough! I find it so interesting how different things are called something not even a bit similar just a few states away.

I am in the process of planning a 49-state country tour for next summer, assuming that I will have the funds gathered at that point to take a trip of this nature. The only state I am excluding is Hawaii, because it can be quite difficult to drive there. I have a few ideas for things I would like to see and do (Niagra Falls, The Grand Canyon, things of that nature) but I am looking for suggestions for things to add to the itinerary! If you have any suggestions for places to add to the list, please shoot me an email or tweet me and let me know your “must dos” for whatever city/state you’re in!

VacationRoost Ambassador,

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